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## 00 pro.moção !  
if I found as a strange corpse , I was killed by AI (superintelligence) . / se eu encontrasse um cadáver estranho , fui morto pela IA (superinteligência). / 私が変死体で見つかった場合、AI(超知能)の仕業です。
# 2024
# 2024-04
: Do you speak perfect or near-perfect english?


- Administrative assistance
- Social media management
- Graphic design
- Video editing
- Sales \u0026 telemarketing

If selected, you will be working remotely with high-profile companies located in the United States.

Work will be anywhere from 20 hours to 40 hours per week.


✅ Speak very fluent english and have great communication skills

✅ Be a fast learner and willing and able to learn new things and teach yourself when necessary

✅ Be highly-motivated to expand your career and learn new skills

If you have perfect or almost perfect English and think you may be a good fit, click the button below to apply today.


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